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Report - Holmbush Farm, Slinfold, September 2020


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This afternoon we took the hours drive back down to Slinfold to visit an old abandoned chicken farm I had been told about. After parking I gave my daughter a choice of the nearest footpath or the one further down, naturally she wanted the one closest to the car and we subsequently discovered it was the wrong choice. After battling through a field of long grass, nettles and sharp pointy plants that stick in your socks we announced our arrival to a couple of other explorers as we popped out of a bush moaning about our battle scars from the field.

The farm is set over a large area and we walked to the back to begin with, lots of large sheds for the chickens to roam in with feeders and silos and an old quad left to rot by a tree. Once you’ve seen inside a few sheds that are the same it gets a bit monotonous but further toward the front of the farm there are some beautiful old stables full of junk, a lovely old barn that looked to have been a workshop and had some fold up wooden stairs and a stunning derelict cottage that once inside is more a workshop than a cottage . To the rear of the cottage is a bungalow that has been trashed and to the side of the stables is another that was probably the egg packing place/office. Had a fright seeing what at first glance I thought was the bottom of someone’s wellies poking out the top of an open chest freezer. Turned out to be some carefully balanced egg boxes. There is a larger house that looked to be possibly abandoned but the other explorers had just been there and said there were cameras in the rooms so we skipped that bit.

Whilst there we bumped into a dog walker and a group of people who looked to be on a sunday afternoon stroll, none of them was bothered by us being there and were cheerful enough to say hello. I believe there is possibly a public footpath going through the farm, certainly a field at the back is also in use to some horses.

Once again history has defeated me but I have discovered the following-

In it’s heyday the farm was one of the largest free range egg farms and I believe it closed in 1996 due to bankruptcy, the owner lives overseas. I do know the owners name but will keep that private.

From a discussion on a local Facebook page I discovered the man who did the gardening lived at the end of the lane but he has unfortunately has died. At one stage the farm was a show jumping stables. Planning was submitted to convert some of the barns but refused. The farm is thought to have been built by a Dutchman and I have his name and names of another old owner.

There was a suspected arson on one barn a few years back and the barn could not be saved and someone has fashioned a skate ramp in another barn.





















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Nice set there. I dont know why, but I love old wooden stairs in places. Not like stairs but rustic barn like stairs :thumb

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