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Report - Holme Bank Chert Mine, Bakewell, Derbyshire – April 2021


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Originally quarried by the Gell family in the 1700s, Holme Bank passed through numerous owners until Joseph Smith & Sons operated out of it from 1901 until 1960.

Around 450,000 tonnes of material was mined here with at least 150,000 tonnes of it being chert.

‘Chert is a type of quartz, large in size and similar to flint, but it is more brittle, breaking with a splintery fracture.’

Probably one of the most visited underground sites in Derbyshire, dunno why it took us so long to get around to seeing it! A nice relaxed wander with @Gsxrwayne

@Gsxrwayne by the seaside

Me being a cliché

And again

And of course this poor chap!

Ta for looking
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Very nice pictures captured it well , the diving videos of the place are spectacular well worth watching them

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