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Report - Holsworthy ROC Post - Devon Group - Nov 2011


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Opened 1960 Closed 1991

The hatch is welded shut

Visted with Lectrician, Incognito and his mate

This visit took some planning, after speaking with the land owner she was willing for us to visit but we had to re-weld the hatch closed. There has been no inside visit of this post even when Subrit visited in 2000 it was welded shut then.

Next was to arrange the equipment needed and then arrange a date in which we could all meet up.

So the day came and we arrived at the meeting place with the sun beaming down and not a cloud in the sky, waiting for the landowner to arrive. In the mean time Lectrician and Incognito nearly got ran over whilst trying to get the generator accross the main road!

The lady landowner arrived only to find she didn't have the key for the gate, so we had to man handle the massive 4.5kw geneator over the gate. The generator was heavy I mean very heay and the boggy ground didin't make it any easier as we struggled accross the feild with it.

Thankfully the landowner and her partner helped to carry the rest of the gear up to the post. We fired up the gene and got the grinder to work cutting through the welds, opened the hatch with a sigh of relief to see the sump grill at the bottom and not a drop of water in sight.

The landowner chatted for a while and then left us to it get on with which was nice that they trusted us to get on with it.
The post itself is dry and is in pretty good condition lots of items remain, at somepoint this post had been connected to a 240v supply.

We tried to work out why the BPI pipe was not in its usual position above ground, underground it was is the correct place... confused I had a look above ground and found the correct BPI pipe hiding in the grass however we couldn not work out what the other pipe was for above ground. As the did not come into the monitoring room.

A great afternoon was had by us all and it was great to meet up with other explorers.

On to this pics:

The hatch now opened

Sump pump

Monitoring room



Toilet room

Orangade anyone?

BPI pipe and the other mystery pipe behind

Hatch welded up and sprayed with galv spray

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