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Report - Holt Farm Primary School - May 2016


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Hi All,

After only seeing one report on this location dated in 2014, I decided to pay a visit. This was my old primary school and was closed in October 2006, after the local council announced they were closing 4 other schools in the Dudley borough due to places for primary school children not being required in the area. There were a surplus of over 5,000 school places, and despite the school celebrating its centenary the previous year - The school was still closed!


The school was opened in 1905 - Limited history is available online, apart from the details I have mentioned above

I scoped out the location and chose an access point before I actually stepped inside the grounds. The buildings and land are currently under offer from a local developer with houses being built on the land if the offer is accepted by the council (However, I assume they will be happy to get rid of it after it has remained unused for nearly 10 years) So if you are planning a visit, id do so as quickly as possible.

accompanied by an non-explorer, I entered the grounds, access is restricted to the building until you cross the main playground and reach the arson damaged hall, once you navigate carefully through the charred remains you can access all parts of the building with ease. The building has really suffered through the elements over the last 10 years, their is also evidence of people sleeping rough within certain areas, however a fairly safe and secure explore.

The school looks smaller than I remember it, however this is probably because I was smaller then :)

Its such a shame to see charred remains, peely paint, open roofs and general decay in a building that held so many happy memories which all came flooding back as I entered each part of the school.

I have not uploaded all my pictures, so if you would like to see more I would be happy to send you my photobucket link.

Anyway, I'll let my photographs do the rest of the talking.

Thanks for reading my report, Let me know what you think :)



Exterior - Rear of the main building


Exterior - Main reception entrance


Exterior - Rear of the main building and Year 6 classroom building


Interior - Main Corridor


Inside the main hall - What's left of it anyway


Reception classroom


Year 3 classroom


Former Music Room - Decay starting to show!


Read all about it :)


Classroom Displays


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They're probably best of flattening this place now.
You've got some nice snaps :thumb
Cheers for sharing

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