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Report - Holton Heath RNCF August 2013 - Part III

Lace Light Photos

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Hello All,
Been a little while since posting as we've been out and about, taking more shots and organising our images.

This set of pics was taken during our 2nd visit to the Cordite production site in November 2012. We now had found a track into the site that took you right to the small boiler house, which we shot on our previous visit. We decided, that after a quick look at google maps, we should go to the right, behind the boiler house. It had started to rain so we hurried on through the killer brambles from hell and after 10 minutes, found our first building. The wooden lattice roof supports seemed to be holding out and it was pretty dry. At the rear left of the room was an area with a single urinal and some rubble where a toilet used to be, then behind that there were three shower rooms with the doors in a kind of T shape.

So! some shots.


Now Please Wash Your Hands.


After we'd finished our flask of coffee and the rain had stopped, we continued to walk towards the center of the site and see if we could stumble on anything else in the pitch darkness. We found some evacuation tunnels, 2 parallel rows of 3 sets of tunnels, totally buried in earth, with slot entrances at each end. The wooden benches are almost completely rotted away. The mosquitoes and spiders had shelter for the Winter!

Not sure what the scales were doing there, although i'm sure they used them on the site.


Feeling claustrophobic?



Another successful mission, even after we got absolutely drenched on the way back to the car. To top it all off, as we had got out of some of our wet clothes and changed our shoes before getting in the car, we were approached by a police car, they asked us what we had been doing as their commissioner had called them saying he had passed two people getting undressed at the side off the road.
That's another fine mess we've gotten ourselves into.
Next time, The Reservoir.

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