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Lead or Rumour info - Holy Brook, Reading


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28DL Full Member
I am not the type of person that explores drains, or underground sites unless caving, but would like to let people here know of a brook that runs under the streets of Reading town center.
There are several sections where it is seen at street level, but would guess there is about a mile in total.
The best entry point is at either end and not in the middle exposed areas (one such point is quite secure). Any local would know where the entry is, but if anyone wants to go down there then I can message you the location.
One more thing, as it is fed from a natural source and street drains also enter it, I would avoid in the winter months, or if it is low enough then make sure there is no rain coming. Low enough water level would be about 6 to 8 inches.



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28DL Member
Did a lot of scouting out for this to kayak through it. Found entrance and exits... and eventually gave it a go but the waters were to high, after hitting heads on a few bridges, nearly being washed down a weir and having to get out and clamber over a few things without falling in, we had to give up. Hid the kayaks in central reading and walked back for the van. got some funny looks from people outside the purple turtle etc... going to give it another go when the flood waters die down again.