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Report - Homelands hospital Helmington Row 'Aug 16' Sad Times!

karl k

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Homelands Hospital was built on the outskirts of the small village of Helmington Row in 1903, as a fever hospital to treat diseases such as tuberculosis, typhus and smallpox. Its isolated location was ideal, and specifically selected to prevent the spread of disease to larger towns and cities. The location was also deemed suitable owing to the fresh air rural surroundings yield; during the early 20th century one of the favoured methods for treating lung diseases was to use nature as a form of therapy, to move patients away from the smoke and smog of industrious cities.


So i received a phone call saying that demolition had started on the hospital its self and immediately got into the car and flew through. I was greeted by a mass of security but after a little explaining they let me have one last Look around the building. I have been here many many times and never got a look at the morgue, Every time i visited i always checked the morgue but no entry. I explained to the BOSS MAN and he said and i quote " To late son we flattened it this morning, The slab and fridge where still in tact!" I couldn't believe it but at least i still had one last look before its no more.











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There was no slab in the mortuary they're fibbing. A double fridge unit and some nice white glazed tiles but no slab.

Was there again today, fancied my chances asking the secca man for a little look but it was pissing down so couldn't be bothered. Shame its gone so quick.