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Lead or Rumour info - Hop Oast Base / Bunker, Horsham.


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After a visit to the council fallout shelter in Horsham (cheers @RustyG wouldnt have known it was even closed!) I noticed going through my photos there is a channel list printed on the radio left in there, it lists ch2 being a trigger station (not entirely sure what one of those are but guessing some sort of antenna?), ch 3 as an emergency trigger station but of more interest is ch 1 which is listed as Hop Oast standby base.
Now a quick google list Hop Oast as a roundabout in Horsham with a nearby council recycling centre, so I guess my question is could there be another bunker/shelter around that area or was it just some sort of antenna relay site?


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Im glad someone else got to have a look round, id like to see some decent ohotos of the place!
They had a machine that would constantly beep all the time the country was at high alert, if a detonation was detected by one of the roc outposts it would go from a beep to a constant tone, I think the trigger station channels were something to do with that but im not 100% so dont quote me. According to subbrit the hop oast station has been demolished which is a shame cos it looked siiiick! All military with blast doors and aerials n that!