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Report - Horncliffe house-April 2016


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i wont go into detail about the history too much as im sure youve all seen many previous reports from here. i thought id post this after doing some research which brought some info to light that contradicts what we thought to be previously true. Yes, the house is in private hands again and has been for several years after being sold at auction for £280,000. The previous owners had been in financial difficulty for some time and important maintenance was never done, allowing water to enter. The whole building is riddled with dry rot and was deemed to be unsound even then. After several architects reports a plan of action was drew up to save the house and its internal decorative features.
The first stage of this plan has now been implemented. Much of what appears to be vandalism isnt. 2 fireplaces were removed and stored along with oak panelling so as to be replaced later. All plain plasterwork and ceilings have been removed partly to allow close scrutiny and treatment of remaining timbers. And timber deemed beyond repair has been removed. As you will see in my pics the roof has been replaced, this was essential to stop further ingress of water. The building sits in limbo at this point thus allowing it to "dry out" before further studies and work are done.
It does appear that some things mentioned in the architects report havent been done. The paintings and features in the hallway were supposed to be protected in situ (they arent allowed to remove them) and the oak panelling still remains in the study. Hopefully other features have been recorded and sections of decor kept so as to make new replacements identical to those lost.
I really hope that the plan to save this house succeeds and that further damage isnt done by vandals, especially in the study where the huge fireplace and oak mantel remain in a dusty but intact state.......


as you can see here, the roof has been replaced

Floors deemed unsalvagable have been removed along with plasterwork and modern studded walls

The service staircase is now unusable with several sections collapsed

the stained glass lantern is now protected by a second layer of reinforced glass above


this intricate plasterwork has to be replaced when the restoration is finished

i hope these paintings arent lost before the work is finished



just a taste of what the mosaic floor looks like under all that dirt

the art nouveau study still has its fireplace and oak mantel intact despite a small fire and the ensuing water damage caused by the fire brigade


this was supposed to be protected but it appears it isnt....

Down in the cellars these props are supporting the rotten floor and the main staircase above

looks like the hotel had a dungeon........

some of the features in the extensive (but dark) cellars



and finally, couldnt report on horncliffe without a few gratuitous jag pics...


oh and thanks to the 2 young urbexers (never got their names) i met there who provided some much needed torchlight in the cellars. Thanks for looking


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They are not paintings, its some sort of wallpaper. When I went years back they were peeling off.
those victorians were never scared of a bit of cheating. Wallpaper or not they are listed as part of the features of "significant historic interest" and as such to be protected. It would explain why all the paint around them is peeling but not the pictures