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Report - Horncliffe (Jaguar) Mansion Dec 2013


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As you all know this has been done to the death , and the photos I have here are only of the Inside , mainly as that's the bit that hasn't been done as much. Sorry if some of the pictures are a bit burly.

visited with Voice and His Son , and this was the second place we visited. Entrance was bloody Hard , and Without saying to much , the entrance was a stroke of Genius on Voices part. Its very dangerous inside and out with half the floors collapsed inside , and rings of Secca fence around the outside.

Quick History ( nicked from estate agents :) )

Horncliffe Mansion was once one of the finest houses in the region constructed in 1869. The property was originally built as a private dwelling for Mr Henry Hoyle Hardman, local mill owner and business man. In recent times the property has been used as a wedding venue and restaurant

sorry about the Blur on this first one , I genuinely think it works well though


more detail on the stairs


probably was a nice fireplace once


excuse my feet in this one , I barley noticed the tiles


note the Glass ... Think its for the wrecked outbuildings


as I've said , the floors are gone and this is what meets you at certain times


thanks for putting up with my bad photography , Voices report is the one to go to for the Jags ect