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Report - Horncliffe Mansion, Edenfield, 8th January 2017


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I know this one has been done to death, but this is only our second explore and we wanted an easy one.

Horncliffe Mansion is a Grade II listed former mill owner’s house dating to the late 19th century. It is two storeys, relatively square on plan and in three bays, with a central portico to the principal elevation. It occupies a prominent location on Bury Road, between Edenfield and Rawtenstall. It is surrounded by a generous plot with mature woodland and individual trees to the north and east. It is sited on raised ground giving fine views from Blackburn Road to the west. The sandstone ashlar walling and eclectic decorative detailing, including stone bay windows, balustrading, pediments and finials, and generous, symmetrical proportions create a distinctly Victorian villa appearance that complements and enhances the surrounding landscape.

After the mill owner died, it became a old people's home and finally a wedding venue until it closed in 2009 and has decayed ever since. There are 4 important parts to this explore, first is the classic car graveyard. There are at least 6 vintage Jags abandoned in the grounds behind the house along with 2 minis and several other trucks and cars.
There are two smaller buildings that appear to be housing, only one of them resembles a building anymore with three floors including a spooky cellar and dangerous looking first floor.
There is also the function room that has a wide dance floor and bar, the ceiling has started to fall in and there are unpleasant surprises in the ladies loos.
The main building is also in a state of massive disrepair with heavy vandalism everywhere. The floors on the ground floor have started to fall through to the cellar so extra care is needed when crossing certain rooms. The main staircase feels very unsafe but can be climbed just like the second staircase. The room on the second floor is completely inaccessible as the staircase has fallen through.
Included in this report are some of the better pictures and a link to the full album, I didn't take to many pictures on the top floor as most rooms were very hard to access and I was too concerned with safe footing than taking pictures.










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The room with the fireplace to the right as you come through the main entrance had completely fallen through into the cellar

scotty markfour

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bar fittings missing from the ball room i see , this place has gone down hill rapidly in the last few months, see my report to compare the pics


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Oh dear. I was there around 6 months ago and the place was in much better nick than that. It was a lovely building but what a mess now :(


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I went there in 2012 and it was stunning, seems to be very delapidated now. Did anyone else think the room with all the oak panelling smelled of cigars still?