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Report - Horncliffe mansion (jag graveyard) Rossendale - Dec 2013


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Having seen so many reports of late on this place and hearing it was secure i decided i must see what this place had to offer. We were doing a bit of a foray in to Lancs so popped in on our way past. Our team of 3, Movens,my son and myself spent a good time puzzling things out but i dont like to be beaten especially when I can see open windows. The place inside is trashed - its a real shame - if i had known what the inside was like i may not have tried so hard but it did have merit and as no one has posted things of late here is a look at the inside. Heartbreaking to see such beautiful buildings falling in to this dilapidated state.Its up for grabs on right move for £250,000. Youre gunna need a bulldozer and about another half million quid of acros to do anything here - the second floor is now in the rooms to the side of recpetion.

A bit of history then on with the pics - enjoy people.

Horncliffe Mansion was once one of the finest houses in the region constructed in 1869. The property was originally built
as a private dwelling for Mr Henry Hoyle Hardman, local mill owner and business man. In recent times the property has
been used as a wedding venue and restaurant. The grade II listed property has become derelict and requires a
comprehesive scheme of renovation, however, offers tremendous potential for a residential conversion or commercial
uses, subject to planning. The accommodation totals approximately 10,000 sq ft (930 sq m) over three floors plus cellars
and outbuildings. There is also a detached gatehouse adjacent to the entrance gates and extensive grounds.


Welcome to Horncliffe Mansion Hotel - theres lots of other sand blasted glass ready for the regeneration.


The arcitecture of this building is very grand - a shame its so exposed to the main road or I would have got a better one than this.


The function room is really suffering - bet even the divorced couples who got wed here are in better shape - its been totally destroyed by water ingress.


This is probably one of the best jags in the world - it has its own swimming pool - least you know your renovation project is watertight!


Movens was loving these but dissapointed the local chavs have smashed every windscreen.







Full credits to my son for being the only guy light and brave enough to get this shot


Another of my sons shots - you dont need the lift to get to the second floor nowadays - great care needed here as ther is unstable collapse and some large drop offs.