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Video Report - Horncliffe Mansion - May 2015


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Some of you may have gathered, I'm not a particularly great photographer, I'm improving, but yeah, it's not a strong point, anyway, I do enjoy getting GoPro footage, so armed with a Hero 2014, Hero 2, Hero 3 Black, Hero 4 Black and a flashlight as well as my Nikon L810, I visited Horncliffe Mansion, I did take a few photos but they aren't great and my camera died :/ anyway...

First of all, I paid homage to the Jaguar Graveyard behind the mansion, as a fan of classic jaguars, I was like a child in a sweetie shop, amidst the skeletons and remains of superb British engineering I promptly snapped some shots on my Nikon.

Pictured above appears to be an old Jaguar XJ-6, all of the cars had automatic transmission. (Most jaguars do)

The engine pictured above gradually corrodes as time takes its toll on a truly magnificent piece made here in the UK by Jaguar.


Had no idea what the above building was for, I presume some sort of a garage type structure to house car components, the previous owner of these jaguars was evidently fond of his/her motors.


Jaguars are pack animals. (They're not, but these ones evidently are...)


At least the Jaguar XJ-S has a little bit of shelter!! :)

A fine composition of a V12 Engine, copious amounts of wood, velour, and leather.


Moving on,

Later in the evening (after some dinner) we returned back to the Mansion itself, armed with GoPro cameras we entered the decaying, skeletal remains of Horncliffe Mansion.

Many had told us the place was locked like Fort Knox, however o arrival, the door was already wide open... (Kinda reminded me of Disney's the Haunted Mansion, was half expecting Eddy Murphy to jump out at me... he didn't.)

Despite not encountering Eddy Murphy, we did encounter a room, left to rot as time (and woodworm) eats away at its floors and walls, as sure-footed as a mountain goat, I made my way towards a rather intimidating wooden door which seems to have stood the test of time well, no signs of rotting or woodworm here!

anyway, myself and my accomplice made our way through the very grand main hall, gutted I forgot to take a picture of the roof in here, it's magnificent, room by room we made our way around the mansion, as safely as we could and to as many places as possible, this structure is literally going to collapse of its own accord anytime soon, despite substantial building work and structural supports in the basement, this thing literally sways to and fro in the wind.

I do apologise that the footage isn't phenomenal but if you're planning on paying a visit, it's certainly worth a look, I als apologise for the Beethoven, was the most fitting music I could find on my computer at the time of editing, it was that or Skrillex Bangarang, not too fitting...

anyway, here's the video, it's about 20 minutes long.

I'd just like to add, anyone with and paranormal expertise, please help me in finding an explanation for the peculiar flash in the doorway around the 12:54 mark in the video.

Criticism welcomed,


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@Nickindroy Think his cam ran out so all he had was video of inside. Looks a bit beat up lol although staircase still looks semi decent. Thx for report nice to see this place again not been in about 3 yrs lol.

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