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Report - Hospital Plaza, Normandie - January 2019


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Hello there! Welcome to this report.
Two days, two reports, now this is getting serious I guess. Today we are exploring the Hospital Plaza, which is a very famous site in France.
I saw that many of you have already done a report on this one, but hopefully I will be able to make you discover things about its history, and why not, different shot angles! Anyway, let's go, I hope you'll like it!

========================================= Some History ===========================================

Today, an exceptional visit, this building, which is quite well known to urban explorers, is no less impressive. This small seminary, founded in 1820 on the order of King Louis XVII, was built in the early 1820s, it is difficult to date the completion of its construction precisely, but a report addressed to the king in 1826 indicates that "the school currently has 180 pupils and 8 to 10 teachers". The building is impressive, including a chapel and three wings around an inner courtyard and a cloister, all on four levels.


Left: Plan taken from a document of the General Inventory of Cultural Heritage on the small seminar.
Right: Photo of the refectory of the minor seminary dated before 1905.

This building was built on the model of another abbey in the region. Between 1860 and 1870 the project was taken over by a new architect who completed the west wing and built the south wing and the southwest pavilion.


Two more Photos of the interior of the minor seminary, on the left, a dormitory and on the right, the seminary theatre.

In 1905, following the laws of separation of the Churches and the State, the latter requisitioned the buildings and converted them into a hospice. At the end of the First World War, the Belgians converted the site into a military hospital and, at the end of the war, the hospital would continue to receive veterans and war injured people.

It was in 2000 that the building was finally disused, the hospice, which was now a retirement home, was transferred to a larger neighbouring town. The place is acquired by a Spanish promoter with big projects (retirement home, private school, hotel...) which will fail leaving this magnificent, empty place.


Same place, different times....

In 2012, an American investor offered to buy the site for 2 million euros, but could not reach an agreement with the current owner who asked for more than 4 million euros.

This once flamboyant place, full of life and warmth, is now nothing more than the sad theatre of the degradation of vandalism and time. Become the playground of an airsoft club and visited by many unscrupulous explorers, it deteriorates from day to day. The commune where he is located is eagerly trying to recover this place which has so marked its history.


Some additional archival images from outside, just for the pleasure of it.​

========================================= Visit Hospital Plaza With Us ! ==========================================

Ok so we did some 360° shots for this one. Sadly I didn't find any option to integrate HTML codes in my posts... So you can still watch them via the following links if you feel like too :


This is a test of course, and the quality isn't optimal, but we tried it at least! Hope you like the idea... We've done a fully interactive map of the site, however it's in JavaScript so unfortunately I can't post it here! When we'll have translated our website I'll let you know.

========================================= The photos ==========================================

And that's all for now! Hope you liked this report, as much as we like exploring this beauty. If you have any remarks / suggestions to do, feel free to let me know, I'm only wanting to get better!
See you very soon for other reports (it won't be everyday don't worry)


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