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Report - Hotel Northamptonshire April 2010 alcoholics paradise


1 of them cnuts off 28dsl
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very nice explore and in very very good condition and a massive explore also its full of booze even spirits and loads of four poster beds etc pool tables and even has the power on as well,Think we should have the next meet up in here and drink all that booze as seems a shame to waste it,:lol:
Been here a few times once with fazy_uk and once with coventry (ultravox),Its right across the road from old peoples homes and also in a small noisey village,
Also just to say ive not put the name up not because i dont want the people off here to know it as im not bothered about us knowing it, But am about the people who just troll the forum for the purpose of scrap and as you can see by the pics the place is a easy target anyone wants to know the location just pm me i was going to put this in the members section and name it but didnt think it was good enough if any mods think im wrong or want me leave it here and name it just say,
I didnt know what to do and didnt want to email you and waste your time thanks dave

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