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Report - Hougham Battery Dressing Station, Dover 2018


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When you hit a dry spell exploring, or feel the need to just get out and do something, you can always rely on Dover providing for a good day. This is probably my 5th trip down to dover over the years and it has always provided something fun to do!

I can remember being told about Hougham years ago, but every explorer at the time being convinced it was buried for good. Some explorers a few years ago proved us wrong! Top day out and thanks for the heads up @obscurity and visited with a non-member. The trip was a chance to trial the fisheye I had just purchased!


Hougham Battery is one of a number of coastal batteries established during WW2 along the Kent Coast. It was built in 1941 and manned by men of 520 Coastal Regiment Royal Artillery although by 1942 most of the younger men had been transferred to field regiments and most of those left manning the guns were elderly, including many veterans of the previous war. The battery was located on the north side of the old Folkstone - Dover Road and it was equipped with three 8" Mk. VIII naval guns. Like other coastal batteries, the Hougham battery included the for a deep shelter for personnel in the event of bombardment, these tunnels also accommodated a dressing station that could be converted to a hospital if necessary.
Historical photographs 1 &
Historical Photographs 2


One of the entrance tunnels:

One of the collapsed ones!

Fan thingy

Main tunnel

Me (I have never been able to nail these type of shots)...

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nice photos there mate, really nice one this especially with the inclined entrance for moving hospital beds in and out. :thumb


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Only been in once just after the lads opened it. Photos were under exposed but havent been back to retake since.

Good set of pics