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Report - Hound Farm, Haxey, October 2019


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This is yet again something i came accross while on route to something else. I nearly didnt post this just because of the lack of info available. But thanks to @Yorrick and his help here we are.
Sorry about the only external i got i could of swore i got a better one.

The History (of what there is)

Last sold in 1995
In 1997 the owner applied to the Environment Agency to increase the amount of water he was allowed to extract from the Ferry Drain and the Warping Drain, from 900cm to 13,000cm per year. Don't know if this was approved or not.
Abandoned before 2009
Mr Cooper died and since then Mrs Cooper hasnt been able to live there alone but she still does live close by.

Not the best but an external

Kitchen sink




Family photo

Evening post

Daily express


Stain glass door

Thanks for looking

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