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Lead or Rumour info - House! Brook lane, Alderly Edge, Cheshire


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Whilst going about my travels at work, driving down the A34 in Alderley Edge i saw an old house right on the side of the road. Couldn't' tell too much from the glimpse i got apart from some of the roof tiles are missing.

Taking a slight detour and looking a little closer, the house is accessible from brook lane and then off through a gated drive next to a large occupied property.

Unfortunately i coildnt spare the time to investigate further or even get a proper look at the house as its hidden by plenty of trees.

Has anyone seen this house or have any knowledge of history or current condition?




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It's almost a bare shell inside, I wouldn't bother going myself, but a look is a look. There are a couple of photos online if you search for 'abandoned farmhouse A34'.
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Its been empty for years not worth going in. went in there in 2015. Was dark but had torch with me. Nothing really a worth a look. There is a pub Wacky warehouse just down Alderley edge road. I tried to get in a few months back but is sealed shut. Could try there if interested.


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i drive past this every day. its a shame because it could be a lovely house. I believe it was part of the councils CPO order when the bypass was build. Not sure why its been left though.

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Like other folk have said it's completely gutted inside, theres also a farm house on the opposite side to this but it's in the same nick!