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Report - House of Mosaics - Tring - Aug 2011

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I have found very little information on this building however i know it was apparently built in 1877 and was used until about 5 or 6 years ago where they were selling the property for over a million pounds. In 2009 their was a fire which was arson caused damage to the upper floor of the building and the roof and has remained derelict since. ( I found this all out after i visited the site)

I have past this place a few times but thought nothing of it because it looks bad on the outside however i decided to give it ago. As i found my way in i knew immediately that i had found a gem of a place with all the walls mosaic-ed and it generally looked posh. In the outbuildings is where they keep boxes of all the mosaic pieces which i believe is to restore the mosaics in case they get damaged.




Was surprised to see alot of the furniture still in good condition.


Nice dome in the main staircase.

outside in the outbuildings their were boxes of tiles and ones that have been cut into shapes used to restore all of the mosaic in the house

Finally what looks to be an old pond maid of the mosaic in very good condition

Thanks for looking


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