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Question - How long do you spend editing?


The Massive Mancunian
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Out of interest - on average, how long do you you spend editing the photos you take?

I had a discussion on Facebook last night with a bloke who claimed he was a photographer (presumably as he owns a DSLR) and he posted photos of the local area that were terrible and were edited to death - which he later claimed was a HDR effect, which might not be everyone's cup of tea. I later corrected him pointing out that a high contrasted images with over the top sharpness doesn't constitute as a HDR shot and we had a brief discussion about editing styles.

I spend around a minute or 2 editing each photo if I'm happy with how it turned out to begin with, just minor corrections or adjustments but others spend days editing a single shot - which is something I don't quite understand.


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If someone has to a spend a days editing a single photo then it must be pretty shit in the first place. If you're a good photographer or your raw images are good then you shouldn't have to spend very long at all editing

Oxygen Thief

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Probably one minute a picture overall, in various stages.

It's not really that important to be bothered about.


inquisitive historian
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depends how crap the photo is in the first place and if its worth trying to rescue lol


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Apply settings to one photo, sync to all, nip through and flag the ones I'm going to use then crop and adjust exposure etc and export to small size jpgs.

Took around 500ish photos at the weekend, which I spent around about 30 mins editing, sorting through and exporting the ones for use and will upload to photobucket when required.


Mr Muscle
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Less time than when I take the shots in the first place normally. Generally just hit auto white balance in Camera RAW & see if it's any different to what I've taken. I reckon it would take me about 2 years to take 500 shots, even with holiday snaps included, so I don't have to spend very long no matter what I do.


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Depends what I'm trying to achieve. Can be anything from a couple of minutes to an hour (mostly about 5 mins on each though). The ones I spend longer on I would want for something specific - I've got one of a well known underground reservoir blown up to A0 and hanging on my wall. One thing i have learnt though is that no amount of editing can rescue a shite photo.


rebmeM LD82
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Import my photos into Lightroom and usually spend a minute or two on each which consists mainly of crop/straighten, maybe an adjustment to the white balance and possibly a little bit of a play with the exposure levels. I rarely do more than this unless the photo warrants it for some reason.


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Same here, I started on film cameras, so try to get the shot right first time, every time. Straighten crop, maybe tweak levels, or clone out my own shadow when I've been so intent on the subject that I forgot to get out of the way AGAIN.



Conrod the Barbarian
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2-maybe 3 hours, nah on Sunday I did 27 in about an hour so yeah about 2 Mins I guess, don't know and can't be assed to learn half the stuff on Lightroom tbh.