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How long do you wait?


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How long do you normally wait to try and access a building once you read its closed up ie school/hospital/factory closing?


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As soon as you can get access, although its not always classed as abandoned. The hotel up north everyone's obsessed with was sold at auction earlier this year and work had started before lockdown happened. Absolute joke really, although once a place is demolished, renovated or trashed a lot your photos of the place in spotless condition would be nice.


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There is no set time really - sometimes it's less than 24 hours! Depends on the location and the situation really :thumb


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Depends on what the place is. Sometimes being on the ball makes life easier, things can often be a bit more lax immediately following closure.

There's no harm in checking on a place as soon as you are aware of it, at least then you can begin to piece together a picture of what the deal is with it.


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This is actually something that's changed massivly over the years. Back in the day we would be waiting for things to be totally dead and half derelict before exploring them but nowerdays we dont really even wait until they are closed. The sooner you get in the better really. As long as you dont do anything stupid and try and walk into places while they are still crawling with workers and take massive risks that could fuck it up for everyone else you basically have to get in as soon as possible. Its somtimes tricky to know the exact time. Go too late and your site to miss somthing but go to early and you can burn places before theres a real chance of exploring throughly. Knowing the right time is actually a bit of a skill I think.


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depends on the site some before (live) & some yrs after closure,
i've been waiting 9yrs to access Dingle tunnel to no avail.

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As @Speed says, get in as soon as you think its sensible to do so.

Although that can differ depending on what you like, the kinds of pics you want and the site itself