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From wikipedia

Dream is a sculpture, a piece of public art, near St Helens, Merseyside, England.

Dream was designed by the Spanish artist and sculptor Jaume Plensa as part of The Big Art Project organised by the television company Channel 4 in 2009. It is sited on an old slag heap of Sutton Manor Colliery which closed in 1991 and it overlooks the M62 motorway. It consists of an enlongated white structure 20 metres (66 ft) tall, weighing 500 tons, which has been carved to resemble the head and neck of a young woman with her eyes closed in meditation. The structure is coated in sparkling white Spanish dolomite, as a contrast to the coal which used to be mined here. It cost nearly £1.9 million and it is hoped it will become as powerful a symbol in North West England as Antony Gormley's Angel of the North is in North East England.
So, 20 metres, not the tallest, but it is nontheless impressive as you walk around the bend in the stone track and it's looking straight at you.

From the moment that me and Stoka heard it was being built, we decided to get on top of it, and today, i did :D

It was raining, and grey, so no-one's going to be there are they. Wrong. The adage that "no-one ever looks up" was proved wrong today, as everyone did, and called the police. I had been up top for about 5-10 mins when Spark called me. "Do you realise exactly how far away you can be seen?" He was driving to liverpool down the M62. "Erm, kinda", "Fucking miles".

So call ended, sirens started. lol. Saw them coming, just one car, so I made my way down and started to pack the gear away, waiting for them to get there. A better couple of coppers I couldn't have asked for, who ended up giving me a piece of advice. "Next time you're going to do something like this, try giving us a call so that when everyone starts phoning up, we know it's not a suicide jumper" :eek:

Anyway, on with the pictures, in no particular order.







Can you spot Spark?

And just for the record. I wasn't the first :( Over & I went last week, at 5 in the morning and did it. I didn't make it to the top, due to a severe attack of the shithouse.

This is as far as I got.

It felt like the rope was just about to slip of the front of the face, so I came back down in shame. :(

Over then once again showed me how it's done.

So. Big props to Over. He really is da man :D

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