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Question - How to get the best shot in low light conditions?


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I recently explored the Odeon Cinema in my area, and found that the darkness made it difficult to impossible to get a decent shot of the main stage area. The flash on my camera is good but not enough to penetrate the dense darkness. My torch is a lenser P7, and my camera is an Olympus VG-170. I have a modest budget, can anyone recommend something to light up a large area such as this? I have seen a report of the same site with a perfectly lit shot.


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4 seconds on that one - but only has auto exposure - I suppose if you can switch the flash off and go for 4 seconds of light painting - not ideal but might do the job for some buildings


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28DL Full Member
Looks like a better camera is your best bet I'm afraid, flash won't cut it in those conditions and 4 seconds is not really long enough even with a couple of P7s. A tripod is a must too.


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28DL Full Member
Hi there. I use the same stuff in the same conditions. The thing I find best is painting by light. Using long shutter time, with a very low ISO speed then paint in with your lenser. Google it. Or something I'm just about to do. I went on eBay a got my hands on some led flood lights. About £14ish. They run of 12volts and a small bike battery will last hours. Warm led is best.

If there's anything else I can help with?

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