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Howdie, this is ME.


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I stumbled across this site a while ago after researching a particular location that has interested me recently, I held off joining for a while as i wanted to make sure that this is THE site for urban exploring discussions ( and tbh I cba with forums,,, but) Ive looked at a few other sites and they seem to attract a certain type that I really not in tune with,,, you lot seem alright.
I’m keen to contribute and share sites I discover with the 28DL Community, forum seems chilled.
I’m not a big poster and not that active (I’ve got kids now ) but I do like a good rummage around Local sites when I come across them, and I’ve got my eye on a few long termers
Looking at some of the exploits the big hitters on here get up to is Amazing, I doubt I will ever be ‘that level’ but I do enjoy the sport of civil trespass.

A bit about me,
I’ve been doing this as long as I can remember. I grew up around goose green in Wigan in the early 80s, A prime time for abandoned factory exploration due to thatcher (Spit on the floor emoji) . I may have persuaded entry to many of these sites and pocketed a few bits of treasure but back then I was Young and Urbex wasn’t a thing , I get it now and I respect the rules. I’m a keen cyclist and most of my recent explorations are as a result of my bike adventures and this is something I want to progress with.
Combining my love of riding bikes and urbex just seems a perfect natural progression.

my exploits,
To many to list but I will give a brief of my more memorable exploits . Maybe take the old school Wigan explorers down memory lane. I can’t really give accurate dates or even photos as back then I did this ad hoc and tbh most are pre mobile phone/internet and I don’t really care for likes or kudos, if your a wiganer and would like to share and discuss memories and maybe send me some photos of the sites listed bellow I’d be VERY keen to chat.

so, here we go with the adventures i remember

1,Goose green fruit factory, this place was famous for illegal raves and Wigan athletic goon squad meet ups with rival firms.Got in several times even though it was active but this was just the start of my adventures.
2, the house near GG fruit factory with the headless chicken legend
3, sudcliiffs factory. Riding round on the abandoned fork lifts after jumping the battery with a 2pence piece is a memory that will never fade.
4, Mr Pop Factory, nowt special, just loads of cans of Fanta lemon.
5,The crisps factory, can’t remember the name but it was loads of fun ‘robbing’ boxes of crisps out of this factory after it shut down.

1, Thomas Moore high school. Few bits to be seen but trashed before I got in.
2,Marus bridge middle school, right on my door step and a gem, I was probably the first in, I had a few bits out of here and seemed to be the only one to access it for a good while.
3, Whitley high school, wrecked before I got in and demolished not long after.
4, vulcanite works pottery rd, got in early and enjoyed for a while before the vandals worked on it.
5, COOPS mill, my first big hit and I was defo first in. Enjoyed this place for over 12mnths via access to the death wish rusty fire escape to the rear. If you know the access it was opposite the PO store that you could easily pilfer during Christmas time (apologies, I’m older and wiser now) The basement was immense. rummaging through old trans Indian shipping documents amongst the banks of custom made mahogany cupboards and early 1900s furniture I found a box of bones and aquired a human jaw bone as a trophy (didn’t find the skull) later research revealed that the mill imported skeletons from India to use as manaquins for suit making.
6, Wigan pier museum, got in this briefly maybe 12mnths after it shut, didnt disturb much, sealed not long after.

early 2000s,
1, Wigan pier ambulance station, brief visit due to alarm.
2,Wigan police station, as above, was a proper rush though.
3, goose green labour club, several visits here and think I was the only one for a while.

ive hit a few barns and farm houses over the years of travelling to Scotland and Wales on mountain bike adventures but, as above, never thought to document as I didn’t know urbex was a thing.