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Howdy, from Oxford


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Hey guys,
I've heard about this forum on so many occasions, so I thought it was about time I joined.
I'm a Traceur by trade, but I've been in the buildering game now for about two years. Since I'm now down in Oxford I've decided to try and revive the night climbing culture, with the help of a few friends. It appears to have been dead now for the best part of a decade, with the occasional climber visiting on an off chance. It's likely due to the amount of CCTV, and the quality of the surfaces you're forced to work with. But none the less, we'll give it a shot.
Urbex is the most recent discipline I've participated in. I've started exploring subterranean Oxford, as there's a vast network of tunnels that have largely been left unexplored for the past 50 years, partially due to their structural integrity, but also due to the councils efforts to hide them away.

If anyone fancies meeting up some time, give us a tinkle.


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28DL Member
Heya - also near Oxford, and would be interested in a heads up on any good sites in the area ...

Very new to the idea and really want to learn !

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