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Report - Hugh Mason Hall (Former Public Baths), Ashton-under-Lyne - June 2011.


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Hugh Mason Hall (former Public Baths) Ashton-under-Lyne


Situated in the St Petersfield conservation area which is undergoing development, this Grade II listed former municipal swimming baths was built in 1870 at a cost of £16,000

Once home to 2 pools, with sixty percent of the building occupied by the main bath @ 100ft long and 40ft wide and mainly used by male bathers

There was also a smaller pool in the eastern section of the building measuring 27ft long and 15ft wide, solely for the use of female bathers

The building also housed a number of private bathrooms and Turkish baths

Between November and March each year, the main pool was covered over with a wooden floor, built on wooden supports placed on the bottom of the pool

The room was then used as a skating rink, concert hall and meeting room

The skating rink measured 116 by 50 feet with a raised stage area at one end

When chairs were set out, the ground floor and the spacious gallery could seat more than 4,000 people

(History lifted from > Ashton-under-Lyne.com)

The building was closed when the newer baths were opened in the 1970's

It is now derelict but has been purchased by a developer for commercial use

Work has been completed to weatherproof the building - however there has been a lack of progress, due to the current economic climate

Heritage Works are currently would like to explore whether the Trust's involvement could be of assistance

Having eluded me for a while now since they did a better job of re-sealing the place I'd kind of forgotton about this one

Just last week I recieved a heads up from Thenew Mendoza that it was potentially do-able again, but was sadly I was away and unable to make it

After seeing that a few others had made it in and a couple of excellent reports pop up, I just knew I need to see this one quick before it becomes sealed again

Being that Mendo is too lazy to explore these days I decided to go for a quick mooch after work one evening and check it out for him :D :p

(But seriously cheers fella, without your info I very much doubt anyone would have given it a second look) :thumb

Main Doors - Ornate Victorian Brickwork


Old archive pic


And how it looks today



Old signage



View from the gallery



Between the pool & Turkish baths etc


Inside the 120ft chimney - I was expecting this to be real grim, but actually wasn't too bad, just the usual soot & pidgeon p00p, no big deal