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Report - - Hull Shipyard, Jan 2006 | Industrial Sites |

Report - Hull Shipyard, Jan 2006

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After all the recent posts of shipping sites, thought I would post this up. It is one of two disused ship yards in Hull with the twin cranes. The others are yellow. Although the buildings are not the greatest archetecture, they are quite interesting inside, and really give the feel of what the industry was like in the 50's and 60's. There is still machinery in the joiners shop, along with a wall plastered in 50's and 60's pin ups (pic included). The cranes are climable with some effort... but I'm always hung over after nights out when I'm in hull so not managed it yet. In a nutshell small and interesting site. (Oh, the mud is awesome to chuck stuff in... well there is a little bit of child in us all!)

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Re: Hull Shipyard REPORT quite a cool little place...the mud is awesome, its like chocolate mousse...

pic below is how high I've been up the cranes...was feeling very queezy and dizzy from the previous nights drinking therefore didnt go any further...Im ashamed actually...after all the high stuff Ive done, I cant even manage a crane like these!


turk ;)