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Information - Hull's forgotten tunnels


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Ok, after chatting with a guy at work he enlightened me to something I didn't know about Hull. I've had a quick search on here and on Google and there seems to be very little about it.

Does anyone know or visited the tunnels underneath Hull?

I read most are now filled in but used to exist all over this city, to and from the docks etc, are any still accessible, able to visited?

Ive found this http://www.not606.com/threads/ot-anyone-know-anything-about-the-tunnels-under-ferensway.216608/ and that's about it, anyone able to shed anymore light?


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yeah theres tunnels under the royal hotel + station, they've opened them up for paranormal groups time to time over the years.

whenever theres tunnels (and also when there isnt) rumours get out of hand as to how long they are and how far they go.


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I've also heard about tunnels underneath hull. Unfortunately know close to nothing about it. If you will have more info about it, I would be more then happy to visit such a place.


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Like Bunk3r says... There are a few that get opened up every now and then for ghostie stuff mostly and no doubt a fair few "big basements" but for the main part it is usually rumours getting crazy.

I live in a town within 20 or so miles from Hull and the story is the same here. Someone's uncles grandads best mate remembers this massive underground tunnel network etc etc.

Saying that... If you find something, get it posted!


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I know this is a late reply but I used to be involved in a group of people that wanted to photograph the shops beneath the Royal Hotel. There's a barbers, newsagents and aparrently beauticians that are all still there but walled off with stud walling near the kitchen area in the basement. It used to all be connected to the train station at one point and joined up (via some old toilet blocks) to the concourse. We tried for several years to persuade the owners to open them up for photographing, but were told no even after offering to pay for the walls to be made good afterward.

There are at least two tunnels from ferensway leading toward city hall, one ran under the old post office part of the station (where the cafe and staff rooms are). One ran under the hotel. There are supposedly several running around the city centre passing under several buildings such as the House of Fraser building. Apparently these were mainly used as part of an air raid shelter network, but there are older tunnels in existence from when Hull was a walled town too.

I have spoken to many people on the matter but there is relatively little information other than stories from people that have seen parts of them, or they had parents'grandparents that mentioned them. I'd love to see a mapping of these made :)


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Absolutely. I'm going to speak with a historian in Hull shortly and if I can shed any light I'll update here

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