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Report - Hulme Flume's Little Brother- Manchester - May 09


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Visited with ConcreteJungle

After finding an easy route into this CSO a while back, CJ got in touch about it, so we decided to have a browse and document it fully.

I have to say, the trip did not get off to the best of starts.

I think I've got a wader leak.....ahh, shi......

me too...I think

crap! Good things come to those who persevere so off we went.

We reached the penstock room first



The weir past the penstock was a bit steep and with the flow of poop picking up pace it was a no go.


Going upstream, we were amused by the turds and rats


It's worrying me, should I kick it into the poop flow?

No, that'd just make it angry

Heeding CJ's advice and being slightly worried by the thought of angry rats, we carried on

Three words: Straight, long, turdtastic

We must have waded 1-1.5km or so then turned back - The air was getting worse and the turds deeper, with no change in architecture for the 200m or so visible, we took some pictures and turned back

Drain camera pose focus epic fail


CJ near the outfall

My lidl waders had reached the end of the line, and my jeans soaked with turdy water. Only one solution:

Back to the cars we went, bemused looks from motorists at the barefooted dude in denim hotpants.

This is draining. I think

Shouts to CJ. Good times. Looking foward to seeing your pics. Post away!

Apologies for all the drain posing but I do believe it is "de rigeur" :)


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Nice one toothdoctor, was good to meet you and a quality explore! Thanks for the tow over the fat btw, my waders had a total loss of traction!

Think TD got the pics pretty much covered, but heres my contribution:

In the sewer:


In the overflow:


It would be interesting to know how far the HF itself was. This was not a good day for waders, but great for draining!