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Report - Hulme Flume's Little Brother (Re-visited) - March 2012.


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Hulme Flumes Little Brother (Re-Visited)

After archiving some old reports and running out of Kronie I decided it was too nice of a night to waste stuck indoors

The usual suspects weren't about, so it was a good opportunity to meet more new faces

With his recent drain fail at the Works I met up with Camera Shy who seemed keen to check out some of the City's drains

Anyway the new Lidl value waders that had been rattling around in the boot of my car all week needed putting to some good use so as usual it was a last minute.com meet

(Top lad, he even brought me some kronies) :thumb

For some reason I got the urge to revisit HFLB, besides it's not a bad intro to sewers for someone who's never ventured into the fresh before

Just when Camera Shy thought he was safe, I took him via the tourist route, sadly his thigh waders were no match for the Medlock so again he got another soaking :D

I've been here dozens of times over the past couple of years, essentially a simple CSO the place does has a certain charm...

An unassuming Brick Arch breathes fresh over the River Medlock


Once inside the overflow (a 1.8M RBP) twists and turns before a short run up to the trunk


Eventually reaching the small overflow chamber located under the Junction of Whitworth/Princess Street





Here a 2.1M trunk sewer flows through and inverts under the manually operated Penstock

(A quick dip in the fresh was in order to clean off the wad0rs before heading back out)




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