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Report - Hulme Flumes Little Brother + Umist Manchester May 2015


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This was the 2nd explore on my last day up sunny North with Paul.where i knew i was going to need something a little heavier than my Velbon tripod which fitted nicely inside my rucksack,so entry to a few of the places visited was ballache with tut tripod on the outside of my bag which pissed me off no end with acces to places like this..

Anyway now you know that fascinating fact i shall continue.

Hulme Flumes Little Brother it seems is a sewer overflow which outfalls into the River Medlock.Really enjoyed this one as small a place as it is,nice walk along the river to grab the standard shots in Umist on the way back

As you step up from the river of rubbish you are greeted by this ..


So a bit of this with Big torch seemed appropriate..


Very unprofessional Umbex of me as i couldnt be arsed to cliamber up and light down from the section just right,paul did but that's because he is a pro :)


A shot looking down from the walk way and one from in the stink looking at that penstock which i had to climb back in several times to get to my satisfaction


Got up close and personal to the Poopz so i could have a proper look down here,paul wasn't sure but seemed to think this slope leads down to a syphon so any one who knows otherwise please feel free to chip in!


Fisheye overkill to get it all in!

and back out and heading towards Umist


Coned off




And off we trundled..thanks for looking at yet another report


Doesn't he look a happy chap :thumb
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It would appear so looking at the amount of reports yourself and Mr Powers are sticking up!
ive got two left that have enough pics for a report hyde falls is a one/two shot wonder and lady bowers isnt quite so grande looking up the overflow at night :thumb


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Levels must've been right down if Paul wasn't getting wet bollocks in the last pic. Excellently caught fellow old bastard. :thumb


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nice stuff Mate :thumb

nobody been passed the arch on photograph 4, penstock on photograph 5 (opposite side) seems unpassable?
in June 2014 the water was a torrent, almost pouring across the ledge.


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Looking back towards the penstock from the other side would be a lovely shot, the brickwork curves in really nicely. I've never been brave enough to hang around to try and shoot it though!
no .to be honest it waspretty fast flowing and im in no way an expert on what lay at the end of the slope ,so i took paul at his word and didnt even bother


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Yeah Scott once asked me if I fancied roping down there with him. There must've been a very long list of people he asked before me who gave the same answer as I did.

I love the tone of the brick in HFLB.