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HISTORY- in 1950 construction began on huncoat power station on behalf of the newly nationalised electricity board ,by 1956 the construction had been completed and opened with much fanfare by the local mayor. in 1984 like many other industrial sites in the north it was killed off by the thatcher government of the time who were hell bent on destroying the heavy industries of the uk .
plans for a waste disposal facility for the old site have never come to fruition due to local protests by the council and now serves as a graffiti training camp and post apocalyptic photographic backdrop.

THE VISIT- after failing to gain entry to blackburn fire station due to meeting the new owner as we was eyeing up an open door , he gesturered us over for a friendly chat and explained that he would love to have let us in for a nosey , but he had building workers inside . we walked away downhearted and dissafuckinpointed , then we fell back on our emergency desperation back up derp . aprox 10 miles later after arseing about with google maps we arrived at the old power station , totally buggared place but you did,nt have to worry about rotten floors and you could get on the roof for a good gander , we was struck by how colourful the place was and the vastness of the roof , anyway on with the pics ,which was mostly taken with a wide angled 10-18mm canon ef lens , i like the wide angle of vision , but you lose some of the sharpness of a zoom lens .( first pic is of huncoat in its heyday)

visited with @Cazel#HT who found a fiver at the site , if you think its yours let me know !!! lol
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nice oiks shame about the explore tho didn't think anyone was still posting explores from here its mainly used by amateur photographers now and there models dressed in urban clothing for that urban gritty look but nice one for getting out there


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Graffiti Land; I remember someone called it.


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That place has changed a bit since 1990 when we used to moor up at the canal water intake.
I seem to have lost the scanned images of the rest of the place as it was then.


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