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Report - Huncoat Power Station

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It was a cold Sunday morning when me and 2 mates decided to do Rossendale Asylum but after a epic fail of being met by a nice German Shepard as we approached the old building it was sadly ended then we were advised about this place by sonyes as was only 6 miles down the road so decided to try it out nice place aswell but extremely derelict. hope you like

Construction of Huncoat Power Station began in 1950 and it was opened in 1956. Situated on the Burnley coalfield meant that the power station had a ready supply of local coal, and until 1968 was served by a half mile railway line to Huncoat Colliery.

The Power Station had a fairly short life, closure coming in 1984. The cooling towers were brought down in 1988 and the main buildings were demolished in 1990, apart from this one building. Not totally sure why this was left - my guess is that it contained transformers or switch gear, and was only closed when the relatively new transformer buildings (adjacent to the site) were brought on line.

The building is heavily graffiti'd possibly more so than anywhere else I've been to, and stripped of pretty much everything. Wandering around the site showed up little else of interest apart from some large cast iron machinery beds in the concrete.

The plan is for the site to be transformed into a 'Waste Technology Park', which in plain english is a waste transfer station. This isn't too dissimilar to it's current function, as half of East Lancashire's old sofa's and tyres have been fly tipped here.

All photos taken on a Canon 400d using fish eye lens