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Report - Hunger Hill Pumping station, Derbyshire, May 2015


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1. The History
Hunger Hill Pumping Station is situated just south of Holymoorside near Chesterfield, Derbyshire in Corporation Wood. It apparently contains two old boreholes which are still overflowing under natural artesian pressure. The stone-built single room building has a stone above the door with "CCWW 1924" carved in it, which most probably stands for Chesterfield Council Water Works. Apparently, Hunger Hill Pumping Station is notorious locally for satanic rituals that once took place there. Other than that, very little info on this place.

2. The Explore
Another in my series of retro-reports due to the lack of new explores during lockdwn. Most likely didn’t report this one at the time as I was very small. That said, it was very photogenic, tucked away behind wrought-iron gates down a path, deep in the woods (to quote a Birthday Party song). Solo visit having visited a few places in the Area around Chesterfield. I remember it being very, very wet but fortunately also remember that I put my wellies on. Which was a good move in the circumstances. It was also really peaceful.

3. The Pictures

Front entrance:

Date stone:

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Really nice this. Original stone work, and gates, remnants of its purpose. The shot with the external ivy is very peaceful, like this a lot.

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