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Hunting Butts Farm & Railway


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Im looking to visit Hunting Butts Farm soon, because of the abandoned railway. I've been near it quite a few times, but it appears theres no entrance. I've looked at it from the public footpath before, its all just wooden fence and brambles surrounding it. Is there a certain area or way you can get in?


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28DL Full Member
I don't understand why you just don't use an os map. The railway is not abandoned - it's owned by the Gloucestershire and Warwickshire railway - there's a map of the farm and footpaths at Cheltenham.gov website which down loads as a PDF file ref S009. I'll let them know to expect you. As I cannot attach a pdf file I've converted it to jpeg for you
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It's extremely easy, the old railway bridge next to the farm, slide down that follow up to the trains, keep left and slide down to said trains. Very easy


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Or just go across the field next to it and down the bank, it's as good as being on a public footpath but just beware the angry farmer.


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I'll let them know to expect you does sounds a bit arsey to be fair unless I'm misreading it.