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Report - Hunting Butts Train Graveyard, Cheltenham July 2018


grumpy sod
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...yes, that really is it's name - named after the farm that sits almost on top of the tunnel.

This is the very end of a removed section of railway that ran through Cheltenham. It emerges from the tunnel and then becomes the heritage railway at Cheltenham Racecourse, and between the removed line and the station sits an abandoned tunnel and a whole load of rusting rolling stock.

I've done many many car graveyards, truck and bus graveyards and the odd plane graveyard but I had never done a train graveyard until today. This was also the first outing for my new Canon 80D so I was kind of having to learn to take photos all over again as it was way different to my ancient 550D.

A cool relaxed explore in total scorchio conditions, I don't remember ever exploring something here in the UK on a hotter day.

Thanks for looking :)​


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Most enjoyable that was i could spend hours wandering around there thanks for posting.

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