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Huntsman Tioxide, is a pigment production firm with various sites across the UK. The Grimsby plant produced titanium dioxide pigments, It is used in products such as paints and coatings, including glazes and enamels, plastics, paper, inks, fibres, foods, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. In particular, high performance grades of TiO2 are finding a growing market in the cosmetics sector and most toothpastes use TiO2

Information about the closure...


Information about the lovely tasty stuff they discharge into the atmosphere...

The report..

Visited with Mr Dempltron I. Again, i had a day and a half off work and after a night of exploring we decided to travel to Grimsby before getting some sleep, the sun was coming up over the bay so we decided to stop and take some photos of the sunrise.
On our way to the sea front we noticed a rather derpy looking building with a rather large chimney.
Feeling this couldnt be missed we decided to check it out and sleep later. Driving past we couldnt believe that a place this large hadnt been reported on before, with a car full of Leyroys wearing parker jackets with "SECURITY" across the chest leaving the site we knew they had to be guarding some urbex gold.
Parking up the street Sleep could wait so we donned the boots and overalls and set about finding our way onto the site past the razorwire covered heras fencing the razor wire covered palisade fencing and the cameras. Once on site and into cover the workers started coming out and the exploring began...


With workers about, short cuts had to be found, some better than others..


and finally into the heart of the site...












With workers crawling everywhere we knew it was time to leave, wed covered 3/4 of the site and our original entrance was blocked, with abit of straight line thinking we made our way to the closest building to the security hut and front gate, One, two, three we walked under a ball camera, past a worker putting on his hiviz and towards the gate, all i could think about was the gate getting closer and just waiting for security to be blocking our way or the guy behind us to shout something, but neither of these happened, as i jumped over the fence closely followed by Dempsey, nodding at the security guard with the most confused look on his face ever, we knew we had just got away with it, and as we strolled up the road to the car 5 or 6 hisvisions were watching us from the front gate....


Finally, i have a plea, to all North east explorers, GET AND DO THIS SITE, its mid demo, jam packed full of stuff, not been pikeyed what so ever, some of the most interesting stuff has gone but get and see what is in the rest of the site! Unfortunatly i cant manage the 500mile round trip otherwise i would do it myself! :thumb


Massive biggups to Lord Dempsey for the company, flails and general tomfoolery!


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