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Report - Huntsmen Chemicals, West Footscray, Australia (Aug 2010)


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I had always seen the flare burning at this site for years from the train as we passed, in late 2009 it went out, and stayed out. This plant had produced many products such as Styrene, Synthetic Resins, many other plastic products and solvents on the 40 hectare site since at least the mid 70's.

Mid 2010 I noticed demolition crews had moved in, so I thought i'd take a first (and last) look inside this place to see what it was all about.

I made my way in, it was early on a sunday, the place was a labyrinth of pipes, tanks and buildings, and I wanted to climb that flare stack!

Long story short - It was an impulse decision, no camera that day, made my way along the pipe racks to different parts of the plant, then, "OI YOU- STAY THERE!!!"

Without looking who or where, I bolted it out of there real fast and got out without being caught, didn't know that there was security on site! I saw the guy in his black van doing the rounds every time I tried to go back there again, and never got to climb that flare stack.

Took a few pics of the place the next week from outside, many of the structures disappeared in the months after, now only a few of the smaller buildings remain in 2012...

Sorry the images aren't the clearest...





This refinery part of the plant was mostly gone before I visited, would have been interesting, but only a few large refractory columns were left.


Heavy industry is steadily in decline in Australia, such a shame...

This is my first report on 28DL, hope you liked it, much more to come!

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