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Report - Huskisson Dock office and transit shed (Liverpool, Mar, 2018)


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I haven’t found any history on this building, but it must be post WW2 since the original dock sheds were destroyed when a freighter carrying munitions detonated following a Luftwaffe raid.

The pic below shows the remains of dock branch no 2 where the boat was. The present shed replaces the ones on the left, with the watery bit now filled in.

The offices at the front housed the port police as well as the Mersey Docks and Harbour Company (now part of Peel Ports). This place is mostly empty rooms and metal shelving although there are a few things to be seen - some stashes of paper work and elderly electronics.

The transit shed/warehouse at the back was more interesting. The ground floor still seems to be in use - the lights were on - so I only looked at the first section.

The first floor is a series of huge spaces with various bit and pieces to do with cargo handling scattered around.

Finally up to the roof. It was difficult to remain inconspicuous up here with a large flock of seagulls wheeling and screeching and generally drawing attention to the stranger in their roof garden.

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