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I got saved by the Coastguard after Portland Urbex went wrong!


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The day before yesterday we attempted to go to East Weares Rifle Range in Portland, Dorset, of what should be a relatively easy explore. We ended up being saved the Coastguard and three search parties, as we couldn't find a way back in the summer night. I'm a fellow newbie (only 5 explores under my belt) but I must warn do pack properly. Read if you want to laugh my blog on how not to Urban Explore:



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Well, you have some balls posting that up, fair play!

Sometimes hindsight is a wonderful thing, and biting off more than you can chew in them circumstances could have ended up much worse, remember, failing to prepare is preparing to fail

Stay safe :thumb


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Oh dear!

I've received worse injuries from playing with my cat.

The video's I suppose help to prove the report was correct in places but it really is an over the top dramatisation, I felt like I should be reading it in a Michael Burk voice, remember that TV series 999? And so.... on this day, tragedy struck a group of morons.

Perhaps go for a nice sensible walk on a nice safe surface like the streets of London in some Sports Direct trainers and raise some money for the Coastguard for your next 'adventure'.


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I only skim read it (the excessive use of unnecessary words was doing my head in), but it looks like you got a scratch, and it got dark making scrambling too dangerous to carry on. Why not just wait until it was light again?


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"Call 999, I can feel myself having a turn!"


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pfft, someone fucks up, admits it, and gets called a wanker.

Shit, i've had to have cpr on site by my mate, for stuff that was purely my fault, and that doesn't make me a wanker, it's all the other stuff that makes me a wanker.