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Question - I need some places to explore in the North West


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28DL Full Member
Hello Everyone,

I have started to get out more in exploring but I am finding it hard to track places down etc. I need to tips and tricks on how to find places and how to find a way in or some guides on area's which may ne possible.

At the moment I have only been to the North Wales Hospital, I was going to Billi\nge Hospital but that has been knocked down.

So yeah, if anyone has any good places to visit in the North West either PM or drop a comment, I'll be happy to explore anywhere if it looks worth the travel. Maybe a few of us could all meet up and go together.


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28DL Full Member
I live by Billinge Hospital. It was never worth the drive here for! Hahaha. Still a decent little explore until it was demolished though. Anyway, use the search bar at the top and search some places around here.


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28DL Member
I normally, search my location in the top right and check with google etc

seems to work a treat, check recent posts to see the current state of it