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Report - Ibiza - Various bits over last couple of years


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I thought i'd put together a bit of a report of a few different places that i've explored in Ibiza, its where for the last 10 years ive spent 6 months of the year living for work and after next summer where i will call home all year. It has the reputation of just being a party island but there is so much more to it and even a bit of exploring to be done. Theres a couple of old clubs that i'd love to get into but at the moment they are totally sealed and the Guardia Civil aren't to be messed with either... Haha. The island is changing and "vip culture" is taking over but if you get out it really is a stunning place. Incredible beaches, Es Vedra which is one of my favourite places in the whole world to getting out into the remote countryside. anyway enough of me rambling on, here's a few places!

Calla d'en Serra abandoned hotel

The first place i explored in ibiza is on the north coast of the island in a place called Calla d'en Serra, its a horseshoe bay at the bottom of steep cliffs with incredible crystal clear water. Off the beaten track its one of the more quiet places to visit in peak summer.
In 1969, a famous Catalan Architect Josep Lluis Sert designed a luxury hotel resort complex. Sert was exiled in the US at the time and much of the work was signed off by his clerk of works, Antonio Ferran. By the middle of the 1970s a lot of work had already been completed but project was put on hold, and then abandoned completely after Sert died of in 1983.

Looking down to the hotel from halfway down the cliff






What would of been the swimming pool


Not a bad view out to sea from the pool



Festival Club Sant Joseph

In the 1960/70's package tourism in ibiza was really starting to take off and in 1969 in the middle of a pine forest in the hills of Sant Joseph "Festival Club" was constructed. Upon completion in 1972 it was opened to the public, mainly by buses full of tourists on package holidays going where their reps told them too. It used to hold shows, cabarets, music events and even mock bull fights but after 2 years it closed and the huge amphitheater now lies in ruins.