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Report - Ice Rink Tower Crane, Bristol - April 2014


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Trenchard St. Student Accommodation (Former Ice Rink Site) TC, Bristol

This actually happens to be my first report of 2014… Four months in, could be worse I suppose.

Nothing amazing, hardly the tallest crane in the world (although given what we have down this way, might be the tallest in the SW :D).

This site used to be home to the city's ice rink:


but since closure at the end of 2012, it's stood empty until demolition started at the end of 2013. It's also home to the O2 Academy, which is to remain open during the project phase.

Unite Group has confirmed its £25m plan to build 500 rooms at the site of the old ice rink in Trenchard Street, Bristol, which sits on the O2 concert venue. Work will start on site later this year with completion ready for the academic year in 2014. The firm, which is based in Bristol, specialises in converting buildings into student accommodation and owns several properties in the city centre. Unite also wants to open up the side of the building and landscape the area. The company said the O2 Academy will stay open throughout the work.
A good night with a few good mates and a good view, what more could one ask for around here?

White balance is all over the shop, but hey ho, life goes on.











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Good stuff mate. Remember skating here years ago, shame that its decrepit but at least it offers some appealing views.


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amazing pics seffy. im trying but im not there yet with the pics. mine are basically.......crap. but nice report.
Yours didn't look that bad mate, better than mine when I first started anyway! Took me bloody ages to get anywhere decent with the photography side of things. You'll get there.. But also remember, it's not all about the photos! Just as long as you're havin a gooooood time :thumb

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