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Report - - Ida Hospital, Leeds 26/5/7 | Asylums and Hospitals |

Report - Ida Hospital, Leeds 26/5/7

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Last place on our list for the day, spent ages examining the building, finally found our route in - thanks endot - and got inside.

We were in there for less than 10 minutes before we tripped a PIR, even though we were well aware the place probably had them and we were extra careful. A quick about turn, endot stops to play with the alarm panel knobs...nothing happens, barge through the exit, and rush under the fence and up the driveway praying security doesn't come back down towards us. All resulting in some nasty scratches and honest rabbits jacket being torn to shreds on the fence. Sorry fella!

I got almost zip in the way of photos but honest rabbit has one I'm dying for him to put up of what we found in the security office.





Anyway, this place is tighter than a ducks arse and PIR'd as well. Don't expect miracles with it.

Sadly, we never got to see Ward 2 :(


Re: Ida Hospital, Leeds (Mini Report) 26/5/7

Im sure I still have grit in my hands from escaping from that place ;) Was fun though as always. Great place but of course pretty off limits, at least we had a go!

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But then check this out, shortly before the alarm went off something much more awful happened, we came across this...
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INCIDENT police tape and a large dark patch on the carpet in the security office...! Anyone have any ideas about what happened in Ward 2?