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Idiot with pure alcohol


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So, at a few of the meets there's been a bit of fire breathing with paraffin. All good fun.

So what happens when a drunk idiot uses 95% alcohol

This happens:

And this is the aftermath


What a plonker.

Video by anon, picture by maniac

Also, huge shoutout for Suboffender & AndyJUK123
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You can see the empty bottle of safety brew in my hand in maniac's picture :s

professor frink

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What did your parents tell you: "If you play with fire ....................."
The bright side is it could of been a shit load worse though.


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It stung like fuck about 30 mins after, but that was taken care of. In the morning, while I knew it was there, it didn't hurt, but then I experience pain a little different than most people.

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Felt like crap liking this but at least you ok. And waiting for the freddy claw pic lol
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