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General - Im calling these jenga tunnels some call it the holy grail


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Yeah this definitely isn't the holy grail of dover, not even close (since this one got dug open it probably had more visitors over that year than anywhere else in dover) so drop the stupid title and read the forum rules! You need a date of visit and the correct location included in the name - i.e. Esplanade tunnels, dover MONTH YEAR.
Given that English heritage provide so much information online about the castle it really isn't hard to put some history down and take some time to construct a proper report either.


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Esplanades which is made up of the guildford tunnel, athol terrace/caves and Trevanion caves. it used to be quite a sought after location ,but sadly from abotu 2014 its been a tourist hotspot, plenty and i mean plenty of history available

A little history, correct name and its not a bad report


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appreciate the comments if id of had some history on these id of done a report however I wasn't exactly sure on the name of this set of tunnels and thus didn't add it hence this post being under a GENERAL heading not a REPORT. im new to some of this as are some other forum users some help along the way is much appreciated as for the title of the post IM as me am calling these jenga so I know which ones im talking about just trying to bring some humour to a post. these ones ive not been in but heard so much about concidering others ive seen this was to me a fantastic find and as im sure when u found ur first good one u was quite chuffed and eager to share your experience. no harm done if im sure ill learn from this ive not been there done it and I hope a lot of the other new users to the forums see the photos in the way intended. a source of info and a ref when in there if they stumble acrtoss them they will know them as esplanade ect.

happy exploring


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Well at least you got your photos to upload on your first attempt at a report mate, my first report was an absolute fail, nice photos and great location to use as your first report. This one has been on my list of to do’s for years so a big thumbs up from me , you can still add some history to this report just to make it even better