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I’m new here - first time exploring yesterday - Quarry


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Hi guys,

I’m Josh, 20 and based near Paddock Wood, Kent. I’ve recently tried to get more involved in urban exploring but have struggled to get started. Yesterday i found my first location which was an abandoned quarry.

It has a train track running through it and a lot of the old machinery and buildings have been left. Someone of the old switchboards, electricity and water pumps still work! I’m not too sure of the history but I found engravings on old shipping containers dating back to 1987.

Sadly most of my evidence of the main are was taken on a video and I can’t upload that.

I would like to go back and get some better quality photos, and to visit some other locations but at the moment I’m flying solo!

If anyone has any tips or could point me in the right direction, it would be greatly appreciated :)



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Welcome to 28DL Josh.

Well done for getting out there and taking the first steps.

have a rwad of this sticky thread as it tells you how things work round here, has some guidance on finding sites etc.

It's great that you've also got the hang of attaching photos already as many people struggle a bit with that at first. 'Reports' are expected to have certain things such as date, location (real, not some silly 'code name' as other bulletins do) and some history.

This thread covers what is excpected so have a read of it too:

For a site where you can't do a report (no info, not enough good images etc) then there is a general photo thread which you can use. It's less formal.

Always check individual sections for stickies as some have specific 'rules' about what can be posted.

Once you've had a read of the newbies guide and a read around the bulletin board you'll be good to go....making contacts with others will likley take a little longer and the best way is to get involved on here, get some reports up etc. When people 'know' you a bit more you'll get more response to requests to meet up etc.

Good luck and I look forward to seeing your input going forwards.

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