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Im new ...question


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No. It is against the UrBeX cOdE.

I will save Oort the job:
Welcome. Have a read of these two threads to let you know how things work around here and to give you an idea of how to start.



Best thing to do is get some reports up if you;ve already been to a few places or use the search box and see whats in your local area. Once you have a couple of reports up people will be far more likely to invite you out.

Asking for locations straight away won't get you very far, those threads also explain why.

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Sharing locations? Well, every report is named with a general location; so in a sense yes we do. What we dont do is give locations out to unproven members. Once you have built up some trust members will be more likely to share locations with you privately.

You build up trust by writing reports, going to meets, posting leads, organising meets, helping out with the forum etc. etc. We're actually an awesome bunch of people, despite what the goontubers say. Give a little back, make a some friends and the exploring world will open up before your eyes.

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