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Report - Impact development crane, Sheffield - June 14


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As I said in the title this was my first ever urbex apart from an estate when I was alot younger, Ive been itching to do some high stuff(non high stuff doesn't interest me at all) for a while and a couple weeks ago finally got the chance.

I had been eyeing up the cranes in the area and I had originally planned to do the diamond dev site crane as my first but decided against it because the floods don't seem to switch off at all and the site is quite well lit. So off to impact it was, I researched its location and checked around the forum, Seems a couple people already posted reports on it so used those as a guide.

Set in the heart of Sheffield’s St Vincent’s Quarter – an up and coming cosmopolitan urban village with a lively atmosphere - Impact is a superb development of one and two bedroom refurbished apartments on four floors, set around a communal courtyard. Perfectly positioned for life in the city centre, which is just a short walk away, Impact is close to the University – and the Orchard Square Shopping Centre.

With a superb transport network on the doorstep, linking Impact to all areas of the city – and beyond – it’s the ideal choice for stylish city centre living, in an apartment that’s designed and crafted to the highest of standards by Watkin Jones.
(taken from Kaplans post)

Once I got there and had eyed up the site I realised that there was absolutely no security and access was simple.

I headed into the building and went up the flight of stairs to keep out of site in case of anyone watching the site/crane. I came out on the top floor, Hopped onto the scaffolding and made my away along the top towards the crane. Slipped in and climbed the short way to the top, Being my first climb once I got onto the top I decided against climbing the back or front masts(if that's what they're called) and took my photos from there. I took them with my phone due to not owning a camera so some of them aren't great but really wanted to document my first time.

Thanks for reading :)


The crane in question


The roof of the construction, The outside of the building looks very nearly done, So crane will probably be down soon.


The boom/mast thing, Definitely going to climb this next time I do a crane.





Tl;DR: Had a fucking blast and i think I just got hooked on climbing high stuff.​

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