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Report - Impact Development (Crane), Sheffield - March 2014


Love it!
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Hello All!

Well during the Sheffield meet i over heard *********** talking about a crane, but it was lit up so they walked away. I got talking to *********** about the smaller crane located around 5 mins away from the pub, so after a quick change of shoes we ventured out. I was excited by the climb of a crane, as i'm not keen on heights, and i've never had the chance to climb one. *********** was 2 ladders short of the top, but fair play he made it that far up as i could tell he was not comfortable with the height :thumb

This particular crane has been erected to build an apartment block which is being constructed by Watkin Jones. The name "Impact" is the chosen name the developer has given the apartment block.



The radio was still on in the cab, and all the buttons still lit up. Unsure if this is normal .....



Still in need of some much needed camera lessons, as i'm finding my photos are lacking clarity, but i know thats down to the user :rolleyes:

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